Knock knockkkk…



   -         Delfina, open the door, sweety.

-         Delfina it’s the door..

-         Ring ringgg…knock knock..

-         Delfinaa…


 Delfina , unaware of what’s happening outside, is ripping off the walpapers at that moment. On a spring day, in a city of Germany her mum waits by the door for hours..




Her patient and optimist mum is also a nurse. She immediately perceives the situation and takes her daughter to a doctor instantly. After various hearing tests, it is diagnosed that she doesn’t have a hearing loss.


Instinctively , her mother is not satisfied with the results and regularly she keeps on taking her sweety to the hospital in order to make controls and tests. Delfina is 3 years old then and continues to grow up carelessly with her long straight hair : ) She is a girl who is loved so much  and whom everybody wants to kiss but who stays away from the people.






When she is 6, her loss is evident. It is documented by the doctors that her hearing loss is high frequency. The report she receives is  an Honour Certificate for Delfina. Having a hearing loss is an advantage for her in the long run. She always feels lucky to be purified from the unnecessary sounds and she generally has a happy-go-lucky mode. Thanks to her mother’s patience and strong positive character, and her father’s brave and decisive personality, she has a “normal” point of view; she maintains a normal life, she attends normal schools,she has normal boyfriends, she becomes a normal person.



She meets decent people both during the school years and in business life. Most of her friends become her ear. They make the phone conversations patiently. In Delfina’s life; Esra, Serap,Bahar,Hümeyra,Nuray,Nimet and many others have a special part…


She likes people who speak in a low voice while talking. She either responds to people who speaks loudly that “please speak with a low voice” or talks with the same sound level. What is understandable for her is not speaking loudly but speaking clearly because she lipreads : )




¢ All pictures from; themtwo , kittynn , mohawk

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